Converting Speech to Text – How to Blog Easier

Converting Speech to Text - How to Make Blogging Easier


     This article will teach you how to make your website a little easier. We will use converting speech to text using Google documents for your convenience.

   There are many applications for speech-to-text conversion (in our country and in Slovakia the well-known paid SW Newton Dictate), but one of them is free and works quite well. It is about using dictation of text in Google documents. This article is mainly created using speech to text in Google documents.

   Although I’m a multi-year programmer who writes on the keyboard relatively quickly, dictation is much more comfortable. But the user must manually correct text. But the adjustments and repairs are not so much and it still seems more convenient to dictate the text than to type it manually on the keyboard.

   To use dictation, you need to have a Google user account, then open the creation of a new text document in Google Docs and prepare Dictation of Text through the menu – Tools – Voice Typing. Why is it better to run it over the menu? There is a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S, but if you use a shortcut key, you will not be able to select the dictation language before the dictation begins. And this is very important because if the dictation language is not chosen correctly, the dictated text will be nonsensical. Use the shortcut key to turn dictation on and off. The language selection can be over the microphone icon, a default is English.

   If you want to turn dictation on or off, you’ll need to click on the microphone icon or use the keyboard shortcut in Google Docs. Beware also of the appropriate hardware, have a good and quality microphone.

   In the past, word-to-speech conversion from Google was not entirely ideal, but Google (and other companies) have since gone a long way and, above all, are using Artificial Intelligence (and neural networks) that greatly contribute to speech-to-speech.

Note: Google Docs also has the advantage that each sentence is permanently stored, so the possibility of losing the dictated text is almost zero.

All in all, I will welcome your dictation experience in the discussion 🙂


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