Tweeting from WordPress

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Tweeting from WordPress

First article on this blog (subdomain at It’s about one handy plugin for WordPress and mainly how to make it easier to tweet from WordPress.
Anyone who has a blog and wants him to be successful (that means a lot of reading) should promote his blog on social networks. One of the most famous is Twitter. And so the author of the blog does not have to create a new tweet after writing each article/post, so there’s a plugin for WordPress called WP to Twitter.

How is this plugin treated? Totally simple:

  1. First, the plugin must be installed and activated in WordPress. Since this is a very simple procedure, I will not describe it here. Just name it and this is: WP to Twitter
  2. After installing and activating the plugin, WP to Twitter appears on the left menu in WordPress.
  3. Click on the entry in the left menu of WordPress to check and change the plugin settings. It is important to first set up the plug-in link with the Twitter account, but the process is a little more complicated and I would describe it if you wanted it. At this point, I would skip the plugin linking with the Twitter Account and dedicate (in my opinion) to the second most important setting. This is an automatic creation of a tweet after creating or changing a post in WordPress. It’s in the Basic Settings tab of the plugin settings. You can set whether to create a tweet after creating and/or updating the post in WordPress. But you always have the ability to create tweets manually and have it under control.
  4. Perhaps the last (perhaps the most important) feature of the plugin is the ability to customize tweets after creating a post in WordPress. You can create the tweeting text with a new post at the bottom right of the post. You can see how many characters you can write, you can also use tags (which will be replaced with WordPress information in the tweets), etc.

That’s all, maybe you will enjoy the plugin and you will enjoy it.


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